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Mindfulness Meditation in London
Do the pressures of modern day life leave you off centre? Meditation is for everyone.   Learning how to use meditation as a tool for reflection is essential for more energised health.   These sessions will teach you simple breathing techniques for relaxation and, recharging your batteries. Regular meditation gently restores your wellness, health and vitality and, rebalance your chakras. Brixton workshops  run weekly. 1 hour. Small group setting.  Take back mind, body and soul.   £40.00 (payable monthly in advance)



Work, Life, Revive!
12 steps to wellness

The better you know yourself, the better your relationship with the rest of the world!  Is your life currently in transition and, overwhelmed. Let’s get back to basics. What was last season is no longer the norm. Scientific research suggests,   there are many more dimensions to wellness including, emotional, intellectual, physical, financial, spiritual and social? Finally, here is an opportunity to set the record straight on your own terms – and put YOU back  in the driving seat.

12 Steps to Wellness provides energy management and lifestyle coaching support to give you back your skates.   The experience is totally based on what is useful for you now.   Each week will help you remove the layers to reveal your unique self.  You get a hand made personal workbook which you brand yourself! We help with wellbeing  tips and techniques you take home. Workshops are explorative, exciting and fun. Guaranteed you will never be the same again.   If you tick all the boxes, this course is designed to push your boundaries without pushing YOU over the edge.

2 hours (choice of weekdays or weekends)
£45.00 per individual session you choose.

Alternatively, the whole lot for £455.00

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Achieving Good Health

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