• Lead Sourcing

    Lead Sourcing The act of finding companies/individuals that will turn into a sale. A salesperson needs lots of these! (It’s like painting the Forth Bridge, never ending!) What is a Lead It is the basic information on any company/individual that you will need in your armoury to convert the company/individual into a client.   A Continue reading »

  • Marketing Mix – less pasta, more nuts

    Marketing Mix Your role as a Telesales Consultant is to sell the opportunity to the DM (Decision Maker), the person ultimately responsible for marketing/advertising decisions and, to convince your client to advertise with you so you can sell your product/event/opportunity. There are many mediums: newspaper, magazine, calendar or an event such as a football game Continue reading »

  • How To Flourish Post Brexit

    Brexit is looming and Britain has been cut from the Mother Ship However, business still goes on! Millions of Euros (correction Pounds) is still made every day over the telephone doing business with Europe. These deals are obviously done by the successful sales people! Statistics for sales have not changed in decades; 20% of any Continue reading »

  • 7 tips and techniques for success

    Step 1 staying grounded Isn’t it amazing how making small adjustments to your posture makes you feel better instantly. A better posture improves alignment of body segments, allows for spinal compensation and, improves your physical movement. Staying grounded involves daily practice. Begin with the tree pose. Standing tall and strong, imagine roots growing from the Continue reading »

  • How to empower and nourish your neglected soul?

    How do you begin to understand what is behind your feelings and actions? Don’t you wish you had support for your most cherished dreams, helping you set clear targets for your vision and goals? Recently, I have been thinking about how to add more value to life, my writing and my health. For several years I have been juggling different balls.  In Continue reading »