How To Flourish Post Brexit

Brexit is looming and Britain has been cut from the Mother Ship

However, business still goes on!

Millions of Euros (correction Pounds) is still made every day over the telephone doing business with Europe.

These deals are obviously done by the successful sales people!

Statistics for sales have not changed in decades; 20% of any sales team generally does/makes 80% of the business.

If you follow and master and put into practice the tips herein, you will be in that top 20%.

Solomon’s strength was in his hair. A sales person’s strength is in their voice.

You would never have your girlfriend/boyfriend unless you got their attention. Correct?

Ditto business. You will never sell to a Decision Maker (DM) unless you get/have their attention.

Obviously, not everyone has a voice in the basement like Barry White, and you never get a second chance to make a first impression. But you can utilise and enhance what Mother Nature has given you. (If it worked for David Beckham, Pele and Ronaldo it will work for you).

Set yourself apart from the crowd

In Europe English is the international language for business. Oh yeah!.. Has anyone tried to do business in France recently? You can’t really blame them. It is the arrogance of the English to assume that everyone can speak English. At least have the decency to learn how to say some basics … “Good Morning /Good Afternoon.. is the Director in?… How are you..?” in the language of the country you are calling, before apologising for your lack of fluency in their native tongue, then asking if they don’t mind conversing in English. It is basic courtesy.

This should be repeated not only at Reception but also when speaking with the DM’s Secretary/PA and, of course to set yourself apart from the crowd, when speaking to the DM themselves. After all, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

The door has been opened; you’ve got your foot in the door; you have the DM’s attention; and fifteen seconds to present your case…

Most of the top earners follow the above and they are in that lofty 20% of successful sales people being pursued by HMRC, as they are in that 40% tax bracket of top earners in the UK.

Want to join them?…