Terms & Conditions

Woman World Today Events (2020)
Exhibitor Agreement


The Health and Wellbeing Conference
Saturday 27th June 2020
London Venue:



Agreement is between Woman World Today.com


Name of Exhibitor / Business / Organisation



• The Organiser shall provide the Exhibitor with a table /stall

• The Exhibitor will agree to pay the fee on the agreed terms immediately


0930 – 1130: Registration Breakfast & Networking (Tickets only)
1030 – 1630: Open to Public: (Tickets only)
(The Organiser reserves the right to change times, such as emergency)


The Organiser and Venue Owner reserves the right to refuse the Exhibitor
The Exhibitor will provide a description of the business / list type of products for display on receipt of signed agreement.



It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to ensure that it takes out and maintains insurance to cover its losses or liabilities arising out of or in connection with the Event including:
• insurance of the Exhibitor’s property
• liability for injury sustained by employees or third parties
• liability for loss or destruction of or damage to property of the Venue, the Organisers and any third party
• insurance against losses arising out of the cancellation of the Event due to causes beyond the control of the Organisers
• Food sellers will need to speak with Organiser in advance. Permission may be required from Venue Sponsor / Caterer. Food sellers must have current food hygiene certificate.


The Organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to any person without official pass or ticket. The Organisers will issue official tickets of admission and passes. No other form of admission ticket will be valid.


Official Event Brochure
An official Event Brochure will be issued.
The Organisers will not accept responsibility for any omission, misquotations or other errors which may occur in the compilation of the Event Brochure.


Exhibitor Handbook
All Exhibitors will receive an exhibitor handbook with full details of the agreement terms discussed, contact numbers and, if applicable permissions agreed.