7 tips and techniques for success

Step 1 staying grounded

Isn’t it amazing how making small adjustments to your posture makes you feel better instantly. A better posture improves alignment of body segments, allows for spinal compensation and, improves your physical movement. Staying grounded involves daily practice. Begin with the tree pose. Standing tall and strong, imagine roots growing from the soles of your feet, and moving down through the earth. See your roots wrap themselves around light crystals. Simply let your inner knowing be your guide you are in transition. Holding your head upright, shoulders relaxed and back. Breathe in expanding your chest opens the heart chakra to the sun’s warmth and, your connectivity with others. Breathe out, relax. Repeat.

(image: dan stark)


Step 2 breathing your physical body
Sensory awareness is part of the human survival kit and, your physical body is the link to your environment. You connect to your physical body through your senses. By focusing your breathing, brings your body and its senses to life. It is worth your while deepening this physical relationship as a daily routine, using the transformative power of your breath. By becoming more aware of how you breathe and, your natural breathing rhythm. Feeling how it feels. Breathing your body is restorative, sensual, nourishing and calming. Connect to the vitality of your breath. Practice daily full body breathing – starting from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. Your breath is your life journey. It is unique to you.

(image cristian newman)


Step 3 say your name
Falling in love with the sound of your voice takes practice to perfect. Your name is also your gift and, connecting to your unique voice is achieved through speaking your name out aloud. Your voice, a powerful tool – beckons your soul journey onwards. Your voice creates motion. Like poetry it weaves tapestry to build your confidence and, help you voice your expression. Vibration is resonance – emotion and, soul connection. There is a sense of freedom learned and, achieved as you develop this tool. Say your name through practice. Chanting your name repeatedly over and, over and over again, is cathartic, rhythmic, revelatory.

(image: tamarcus brown)








Step 4 manage your KASH
Learning is lifelong and no matter what projects you are involved in, doing your homework makes for preparation in four areas
1. K is for your knowledge
2. A is for your attitude
3. S is for skillset
4. H is for habit – effective habits will stick when you renew frequently what you have learned.

(image: brooke cagle)


Step 5 positive self – regard

This step includes learning what to listen to and, take from others feedback. It involves reflective learning. Reviewing past experiences and, emotional impact can help you to improve your attitude for future experiences.

(image: ariel lustre)


Step 6 self awareness
Understanding your environment begins by listening with all your senses and, checking in with the responses you get from your different feeling states. Empathy is developed from this practice. Empathy with your environment is becoming aware of others by paying attention through active listening.

(image: Jonas Vincent)

Step 7 breathing colour
Begin by sitting comfortably. Focus on your feet and, ensure both feet are placed firmly on the ground. Next, place your hands gently in your lap. Do not cross your arms and legs.
Breathing colour begins at your feet. Gently close your eyes. Imagine the vibrant colour red at your feet as a ball of light. When you can feel it, breathe in this colour up through the earth, and your legs to the base of your spine. Feel it’s warm glow in your back at the base of your spine. Now focus on the vibrant colour orange mixing in with red. As orange becomes more vibrant it begins in your pelvis and, gently warms your abdomen and, continues to travel upwards toward your navel area where it fuses with yellow. This area is warm. It is your solar plexus. Breathe in yellow and, as you continue to breathe in this wonderful vibrant light it becomes transformed at the level of your heart chambers. This light is now vibrant green infused with spots of pink. Breathing from here the colour travels up to your throat. See your light as vibrant sky blue. As it travels up through your throat to the middle of your forehead the light becomes indigo. Breathing indigo up to the top of your head indigo transforms into a white light. You can bask here in peace for a while. When you are ready take this white light back down the back of your spine, through your energy centres until it reaches your feet. Once again begin to feel your feet firmly on the floor and, gently open your eyes.

(image: olesya grichina)