As you are aware, the news is dominated by COVID-19.

At Woman World we would like to inform you that we are closely monitoring the situation in the UK and, working within the guidelines suggested by the UK Government.


Sanitisation Stations courtesy of ZIDAC Laboratories

Anti-bacterial gels and sprays are available and used with disposable towels. If you have flu-like symptoms please do not attend any event STAY AT HOME Please take good care of your health and wellbeing.


Always remember to check with your General Practitioner in the first instance for advice. The food you eat plays an important part in determining your energy levels throughout the day.

  • Carbohydrates

    rich foods which boost your energy and, make you stay fuller longer which help reduce the urge to snack. Examples, whole grains, cereals, porridge and fresh fruit, bananas, fatty fish, sweet potatoes.

  • Protein

    examples are eggs, lentils and, avocados having the highest protein content than any other fruit.

  • Smoothy

    Help keep you hydrated. Use your favourite fruits, apples, bananas mixed with oats and honey, or keep it green.

  • Supplements

    If you think your diet might benefit from additional supplements check with your GP.

  • Exercise

    Try yoga, meditation, relaxation techniques.

  • Bath

    Aromatherapy oils and epsom salts are great for relaxation.

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