How to empower and nourish your neglected soul?

How do you begin to understand what is behind your feelings and actions? Don’t you wish you had support for your most cherished dreams, helping you set clear targets for your vision and goals? Recently, I have been thinking about how to add more value to life, my writing and my health. For several years I have been juggling different balls.  In 2013, I knew deep down that I had to make some changes in my life and, when I committed to a new way of working and improving my fitness levels, I have to say it has not all been plain sailing. There were times back then, when I found myself as either too exhausted physically that I missed my alarm clock and, forgot to go for my morning run. Or my budget was over-stretched which meant I could not save as much as I had promised myself. At other times I was bored. I simply doubted myself, my appeal, my writing, my reflection and my abilities. Instead I found every excuse to take refuge in the excuses themselves. My mind felt like it was going through a wringer of some sort. My thinking no longer felt the freedom to move or have a point of reference and, as a result I had lost a deep connection to those different parts of myself that I thought or believed I knew so well. My zap had lost its zing. My spiritual, emotional and intellectual foundation needed evaluation and, a fresh look at a bigger picture that was closer to home. I realise now I was being totally unrealistic. The expectations I had set myself and the quality of my time management was key to getting back on track. No more people pleasing! It was time to get back to the essence of the conversation. Fast track to 2016, now I have an organised time-table, new budget and feng-shui. Although, a lot is happening and, I have a busy schedule, I feel I am more in control. I am experiencing better outcomes and connectivity with my myself and my clients and projects. I can pride myself with the honesty of my work and, with fewer distractions, I feel I am growing more productively personally and professionally. Dropping emotional baggage is key to recovering my neglected soul. I am now discovering the freedom for my spirit to soar like the eagle and, be true to its essence.  A quality of life that was previously hidden to me has opened up. The challenges are creative, relevant and priceless.  Growing spiritually, emotionally and intellectually is the compensation.

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