Feels Like Electric Just Got Fun!

Who loves the New Mini Electric Ad on TV?

We had also crafted a different version.




The New Mini Electric

                  Be Bold. Go Green


Drive the future NOW.  The New MINI Electric.

The same iconic 3-door design enhanced with advanced eco-friendly electric drive.

A spirited adventure to the shires, the supermarket and the school run.

Lighter than other MINIs with a range of 145 miles. That’s from as little as 4p per mile! With fewer moving parts this electric MINI is one of the most economical EVs.

Charge and Go! At BP Chargemaster stations

Whisper quiet with zero emissions, this fun-to-drive run-around will decrease your carbon footprint and show your eco credentials.

Spend EV-er-so-less on maintenance and, more time with family.

High on performance. Low on cost.

Be the envy of your neighbours. Give them MINI ENVY.

Starting at only £24,000.

Go Green


Contact your local MINI Dealer for details.