How to avoid Illness and Dis-ease

Although some genetic and environmental factors affecting your health are beyond your full control, you can still make a conscious decision to improve your wellbeing where you can.


For example:

Your thinking habits

Your diet

Your exercise and

Your emotional health


Taking care of your wellbeing in these areas will make a big difference to how healthy you feel now, and in the future.

Remember to seek advice from your GP or health professional.


What you think about makes you resilient
This is determined by your ability to bounce back from setbacks. You are not alone. Many people who appear to be coping well, have at some point in their lives experienced stress and depression.

Being mindful is staying present to your thoughts and feelings as they happen.


The following known examples can trigger mental health concerns:

Recurring anxiety

Panic attacks

Bipolar disorder


Eating disorders



If you, or anyone you know, experience any of the above it is important to get support from the people who can help: 


Check-in with your Priorities – this means saying no sometimes and reminding yourself of your goals to keep your sanity.


Find an activity for physical and mental peace, for example, sport, dancing at home, conscious breathing or simply taking a 5 minute break from a task or meeting.



Reflect on the following question:

In what way are my food choices linked to my emotions?


Balanced nutrition means making healthy food choices:

Drinking lots of water

Weight management



Become your own catalyst for change by being more self-motivated

Choose regular daily exercise between 15 – 20 minutes

Walking at a pace for up to 1 hour

Set realistic long-term exercise goals by focusing on a routine that you choose and stick to it!


Emotional wellbeing

Try journaling to identify your feelings

Keeping an account of mood changes during the day will help you recognise which emotions are being triggered and, which thoughts are behind the emotions

Get involved with your community

Discover a creative activity or past-time

Learn a new skill