Lead Sourcing

Lead Sourcing

The act of finding companies/individuals that will turn into a sale. A salesperson needs lots of these! (It’s like painting the Forth Bridge, never ending!)

What is a Lead

It is the basic information on any company/individual that you will need in your armoury to convert the company/individual into a client.


A Lead comprises at least four things:

1. Name of company/individual
2. Telephone number
3. Name and position of the DM. At least 2 people: Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Marketing Director
4. Angle (very important). This is the reason why you are calling and, why this company/person should buy your product or service.


Example of an Angle: Special K, August 2019

Kelloggs have just launched a Special K snack where milk is not needed and, you just eat them from the pack.

This is the example of an Angle


“I understand, John, you are you the Head of Special K ?”

John replies, either “Yes” or “No”


Questions to ask DM

“Is this the right demographic?”
“Do You like the idea?”
“So, John, the only thing stopping you is the cost?”

If John says “Yes” to all three questions, explain what they are getting, the benefits in the package and, the cost.


Dead Reckoning

The Sales Person is like a pilot of an airline.
Many pilots know how to take off and land the plane. In between, the plane is usually on auto-pilot.

In Telesales you are never on autopilot.

Imagine you are in the middle of the Pacific and, not sure in which direction to go?

The best pilots in the world can fly by moonlight and stars, just like mariners of old. They use the North Star (Polaris) by night and, the Sun by day.

This is called Dead Reckoning. You will need to know your current position and, the direction in which to go, whether north, south, east or west.

The same in Telesales – you will need to know the types of leads and where to go and get them.



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