Learning about identity

Learning about identity


How could I learn about identity?


Life surrounds me with many opportunities.


I came across this definition:


Wikipedia definition: "...the qualities that make a person different... serving many functions... [the] active process that affects how you adapt to life challenges."


While learning about my identity - I ask myself, this question:


"Who am I?"

In my opinion, identity is very much how I experience everyday connections


Why does it matter? 

I believe that identity is fluid.

Firstly, we are human and, through our relationships we become social. We are connected through communities that ebb and flow over time. It is through this fluidity and, change within our society that shapes our identity further.



Born in London, UK. Raised in south London.

My parents were from the Caribbean. However, from a very young age I was raised in a single parent household.

I experienced many challenges growing up.

There were challenges throughout my school and college years as I learned to understand my own learning and communication style.

There were challenges in the playground through growing, learning and interacting.

There were challenges at home, culture differences between myself and, siblings.

There were challenges at work with colleagues.

There were challenges in different kinds of relationships both professional and personal.

At other times I experienced challenges that come with being human in love and war, intimacy and celibacy

In all the above, I have become identified at one level or other. Heart, body and soul.



I have learned from my experiences.

By understanding the lessons, I have learned how challenges have shaped my identity over time. Making my identity what it is today


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