Reflections past 2023 How is your obsession serving you in 2024? 

Hello, Happy New Year!

Firstly, I need to say, Thank goodness 2023 is out the window. What a year it was!
My reflections, feel as though I have been through hell and high - water over the last 2/3 years.
It has certainly felt like one of the most challenging experiences - affecting my mind, body and personal space.
Reflecting on my life has never been a bed of roses.
But, I also understand that every human and eco-system on the planet have their own unique challenge. Right?
I imagine, that every living thing that exists,  also experience their oven survival mechanism. And as humans, we experience our survival through own joy and pain.
However, these are unprecedented times as the world recovers from lock down and other unseen wars.
Distracting challenges were closer to home
The pests directly above my bedroom ceiling had returned to disturb my peace.
I had become more sensitive to the sounds of my neighbours in their own personal spaces due to the walls being poorly insulated.
A neighbour decided to carry out D.I.Y repairs throughout the night until gone 5am!
I needed to create more space away from my immediate environment.
Sometimes, I played music or listened to the radio to escape the imposing external vibrations of my building.
At other times, I spent so much time writing very lengthy letters of concern, or waiting in call queues or, jumping through hoops...
I was challenged by being out of work, the cost of living, family, friends, personal/professional relationships and, the world news!
Time itself felt endless, even overbearing.
For reflections to work I needed to step back 
I reflected on obsession.  (Online dictionary: noun as in fixation; consumption with belief, desire; Compulsion, delusion,  enthusiasm fascination infatuation mania passion phobia preoccupation.
Reflections 2023 - a pivotal year 
Looking back, there were moments I asked myself, what was going on?
What had I become obsessed by?
What fears had my attention?
Am I a living microcosm of an obsessed world?
There are times in life when many things are happening.
One event, followed by another.
When I felt overwhelmed I stepped back from it.
When I felt distracted and, the coping mechanisms that had served me for years had somehow stopped working.
I knew within myself I needed to dig deeper.
What was the cause?
So again, I stepped back.
I felt my mind experience a shift in perception.
This was a new arena.
I was being forced to take stock of my own physical and mental presence.
Explore my own needs first.
And most importantly - I needed to rekindle my own authentic voice.
My own advice for 2024
Life has a strange way of teaching you something you need right now.
Keep good company that supports my personal growth. Promote life skills for empowering work and, projects. Believe that Women could build a powerful and sustainable World through connections.  I am processing past time spent through volunteering - how could this be sustainable?
Finally, I am happy to say that my new podcast including today's post Reflections past 2023 How is your obsession serving you? and, all present, future and earlier writings are currently in the process of being linked (shortly) to my online platform.
Disclaimer: please note that my own reflections are my own perceptions and, might not be your own.

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